Sunday, January 9, 2011

My mojo has gone AWOL...

I have been sitting and pondering, pondering and sitting in my craft room.  I look at the images I have ready to make into cards.  I play with some papers, and wander about holding sheets of 12x12 in my hands.  I rummage through boxes and containers and cases, looking for the right embellishments and additions to make my card "pop".  It's a good thing my family are used to me vagueing out and muttering to myself.  Will keeps me sorted with cups of tea and the girls pretty much keep out of my way while I'm pottering in my room.  I have even gone through back issues of magazines, which for me almost always kick-starts the card making magic.  Yet, in spite of all of that, I still haven't made a card today.  Not one.

So I'm going to share with you one I made about a week ago and haven't got around to posting yet.  I am very happy with him - he looks even better in real life, but you'll have to make do with a photo:

He (the image is just coming across as a he to me, despite the bow on his/her head - I'm seeing that more as tufty feathers poking up, than a bow - for this version, anyway) is from a shop I found on Etsy, called Princess Mi - she has some lovely digi illustrations for sale.

And this is what he became:

Recipe is as follows:

G21, G94 & BG96 (leaves)
B00, B41 (sky) & B23 (blended for wings and bow/tufts)
Y17 (beak)
YR24 & E35 (eyes)
E55 & E74 (body)
E57, E59 & E74 (branch)
Cardstock SU! Choc Chip
Inque Boutique 6x6 pad "#60555 Memoirs"
Provocraft Paper Symphony 6x6 Crafters Cardstock Block 1
Digistamp Owl by HelloAimi at Princess Mi (Etsy)
Sentiment by SU! "Mixed Greetings"
Prima flowers and assorted brads from personal stash
Ribbon SU! Choc Chip satin ribbon (under sentiment - hard to see)

So, that's my owl.  And now, I had better find my mojo, because I have no other cards to share, if it doesn't come back!  I have been thinking it would be a good idea to have a couple in reserve, so if I hit a dry spell, or just get crazy busy, I can still post something new and fresh to keep the blog ticking over. 

Sounds like a good idea in theory (and when I wasn't working, it would have been so much more achieveable), but the reality is that with a job, and kids, and a household to run (not to mention the time of year - we've got six birthdays, Christmas and New Year all packed into one fun filled (!) month, around here) and the additional vagaries life throws into the mix (my youngest came down with some 24 hour gastro thing yesterday and spent most of her time holding (and filling) a bucket, poor little chookie), getting a surplus of anything put aside, be it time, cards, time, money, time, time or time is almost impossible.

I'm posting an APB on my mojo.  If anyone sees it, give it a good talking to and send it back home, will you?  I've got a job or three for it...

Happy crafting!


  1. That is one funky owl! As for your Mojo....I think I saw it run past my place last night and mine went running after it so now they're both out there somewhere. Seriously, you know it will return...Try a challenge, that usually works for me although I have several ufo's sitting waiting paitently for mojo to return and last night wasn't happening so I just gave up. I'll try again tonight. Cheers didn't post about Bon Jovi so, how was it?????

  2. Yes, I've been wondering about the concert too, do tell. Love that owl, he looks great on your card. My mojo has gone on holiday too, I'm hoping to get into a challenge or 2 to tempt it back home. CoB

  3. very happy to see it, excited, so cute~! It's my artwork :) and thank you so much for your support