Sunday, January 23, 2011

Guerilla Bay, here I come!

Yes, I am off to the beach for a week with the girls and wow, am I looking forward to it!  I don't know what it is about my body, but it seems recently that every time I am about to take off some time and go on a trip, I come down with something which knocks me out for a couple of days.  This time, I got tonsillitis.  It came on fast and I felt like hell, so I called the doctor from work, managed to get in on someone else's cancellation and whined at the doctor that I was going to the coast and I needed to be fixed ASAP.

My doctor is wonderful.  She prescribed heavy duty, old fashioned penicillin.  My body is not wonderful - it immediately took this as a sign to clear up all my tonsillitis issues and leave me with thrush, due to the overdose of antibiotics.  My body and I had a conversation (while I gulped down vast quantities of probiotic, culture enhanced yoghurt, fermented milk and capsules).  My body has put forward that life isn't fair and I should probably start treating it better.  I have agreed.  My doctor, sniggering quietly in the corner, has suggested that a fortnight before I am to leave on a trip, I start the probiotic, vitamin and mineral supplementation to my diet and perhaps I can avoid the dreaded lurgies which lurk, ready to pounce (and all the sidekicks who stand in line, waiting their turn with my immune system).  I have taken notes and will apply this advice judiciously next time.

So, where has this left me creatively, you ask?  In no-man's land until today, when I had to whip up a birthday card for my brother.  Just so's you're in on the joke, his nickname when we were kids was "Piggy":

The recipe for this one is:
B00 and B000 for the sky
RV32 and RV34 for the pig
E04 and E34 for the trotters
B24 for the balloon
G94, G99 and G24 for the grass and leaves
Y15 for the flowerheads
Cardstock is some very textured burnt orange stuff I had (unknown brand), which has photographed a whole lot redder than it is - it really is a dark orange.
Basic Grey - Green At Heart 6x6 pad (spotty layer), Marrakech 6x6 pad (blue layer)
Stamps: Hambo stamps "Floating Pig" which you can find here, Stampin Up! "Think Happy Thoughts" (happy birthday circle), Sunday International (pig's face in HB circle)
Flowers, letter medallions, garden twine and brads from stash.

The card accompanied a wonderful country style ceramic piggy bank I found while I was Christmas shopping a month or so ago, with a saying on the sides which went "I Smile because you are Family.  I Laugh because there is Nothing you can do about it!", inside of which I put money towards a new leather jacket for him (so he can look awe inspiring while he rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle - and the fact that Harleys are often called "Hogs" has not escaped any of the family!)

We don't leave for Guerilla Bay until Tuesday, so I'm hoping to post again tomorrow before wandering off.  No guarantees, mind, but I'll do what I can.

Until then,
Happy crafting!


  1. Love your Piggy card, Bron, had to smile at the image, he looks a bit non-plussed up in the air, he he. The saying on the piggy bank made me laugh too. Enjoy Guerilla Bay when you go, hopefully by then you and your body will be agreeing with each other, lol. CoB

  2. I love that you maintain your sense of humour Bron, despite the sideways knocks life throws at you. Nothing like a family running joke and you couldn't have found a better saying on the Piggy Bank than that! Its definitely you.

    Glad you're taking some time off, hope you get some really good RnR in while you're at the coast. Maybe your Mojo will find you there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments, much appreciated. Your card is super cute.

  3. Bron, hope you are feeling better and had a good time away. When you get back from your break, pop along to my blog as there is a little something for you there which I hope you'll like...see the post dated Friday 28th January! CoB