Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello again

Well, the APB on my mojo was only half successful - I had a couple of reported sightings, but the sodding thing is still out there, living the high life, while I struggle back here, mojo-less and inventing new curse words.

A couple of wonderful friends have been asking for details on the Bon Jovi concert I went to in mid-December.  What can I say except that it was sensational!  They grabbed the crowd and just rocked the stadium.  I think it was about the second song (we were all sitting there politely listening) that Jon Bon Jovi shouted into the microphone “Hey Sydney – this is not TV – get on out of your seats, people!!!” and that was it – the entire crowd just got out of their seats (it was like a stadium sized Mexican wave) and we danced and screamed and sang along with him from then on.  They played non stop for almost 2 and a half hours, with Jon going backstage for one song (which Richie Sambora sang).  And that was it – he sang every other song that night – we’re talking between 20-25 songs in all.  And it was fabulous.  The last song of the night was Living on a Prayer and Jon came out on the catwalk (in a half moon from one edge of the stage to the other) and stood in the middle with just a microphone and the spotlight on him.  The crowd was silent (we thought it had ended with the song before that) and the stage behind him was black.  He started half singing, half talking the first verse of Living on a Prayer.  And 50,000 people sang his song back to him.  I don’t know for sure, but I think he ended up just standing there while we sang at him.  I can’t imagine what kind of high that must have been, for him and the band, to listen to that old song of theirs sent back by so many voices, word perfect.  To know that you have made that kind of impact on people, and that you could probably do that in any city in the world and get the same response.  Wow.  Then the lights came up and the band played and they started the song again from the start and I reckon they could have heard us in the city, we were that loud.  We just roared it out... and it was incredible.

So yeah - anytime Bon Jovi is touring, I'm gonna be there!

Oh - other thing.  I had a girlfriend from Illinois come on over to see me and Australia (yep - in that order - how cool is that!) back in September/October last year and while she was here, we caught the stageshow "Wicked" in Sydney.  It was soooooo good and we raved about it soooo much to anyone who would listen that, even though the show is no longer in Sydney and has moved to Brisbane, I have booked tickets for the entire family to go up and see it in mid-March (hopefully, the theatre will be back to rights by then - I think it was one of the ones fairly badly messed up by those incredible floods which hit Brisbane and surrounds last week).  Really looking forward to it - everything is crossed that it will still be able to happen. 

And so - onto the one and only bit of crafting I've done for a week:  a Hanglar Stanglar image (just a cutie) who got coloured a bit ago and then in a last ditch effort while my mojo was still speaking to me, got created into a card:

Simple, but I think she's pretty and will do nicely for someone's Valentines Day card.

The recipe is as follows:
R46, R43, R27, R17, R32 for the hearts
YR24 for the hair
B93 for the wings
R30 and R22 for the skin
E35, E47, E25 and E13 for the pot
G21 for the tunic
G94 for the trousers
G21 and G94 for the hat
E99 for the shoes
G12 and G40 for her socks
W7, G94 and E25 for the ground

Cardstock: SU! Mellow Moss
Paper and ribbon: unknowns from my stash (the paper didn't have any identification on it (12x12s) - weird, huh?
Sentiment: PSX "With Love" C-2509
And I cut her out using a Nestabilities scallop edged rectangle die.

She's nice and I'm thinking (although only half seriously, because it would be a huge step for me) about entering her into a challenge - I've heard that sometimes challenges lure your mojo back (it gets embarrassed that you've made it to the "big time" while it wasn't there to share the glory, or something.

Anyway, while I keep contemplating doing that,
Happy crafting!


  1. I knew you must have enjoyed that concert and it sounds fab. What a high for everyone singing Living On A Prayer, glad you had such a great time. Now your is reeeeeeally lovely, super colouring especially on the hearts, the highlights give such dimension to them. Did you know that the Just Magnolia challenge also takes hAnglar images now? You could see if your card fits the current theme. Yes, the challenges are brilliant for tempting your mojo back to life, plus you get to see the DT cards which give loads of inspiration. I don't know about embarrassing your mojo, they make mine jump up and down impatiently and somehow my brain cell finally gets an idea, lol. I just made a card after having zero mojo for weeks, I got my inspiration from some new papers I was just dying to use plus a challenge a friend set. So look around at some challenge blogs. CoB

  2. Bron, Sooo glad you had a ball at the concert. Nice that your friend visited from the US too. It"s probably why you mojo is out having a good time, you've been ignoring it by being busy with other things!

    Challenges, well I seem to be hooked on doing them at the moment, certainly the colour challenges make me use colours I don't normally reach for, but I still manage to work them in to the project. Styles differ of course, some sites I use won't interest you at all, I'll email you some of the european sites if you like, they use the magnolia and the hAnglar images, and I havne't had the courage to enter into those ones....the competition is astounding!