Friday, December 10, 2010

The silly season cometh

For some reason, I am seriously behind the eight ball when it comes to Christmas this year.  I have almost no presents bought, I cancelled the "putting up the tree" party I always throw on the weekend in December closest to the 1st and even though the tree went up, it was a quiet and fairly uneventful day which left me feeling a bit... anticlimactic - a bit "is that IT?" about the whole thing.  It hasn't helped that a drought which has lasted for over a decade has broken (and how!) here on the east coast of Australia, and Will (and I, to a lesser extent) have been twitchy, waiting for the calls for him to go and help man a crew to aid with the clean up (he belongs to the volunteer Rural Fire Service, a part of Emergency Services and as such, gets called out to fight fires, clean up disaster sites or mop up floods - depending on which hissy fit Mother Nature is throwing at the time).

So it's been a little chaotic around here for a week or two, although they are saying that we are looking at some decent weather for the next 4 days or so, which is a real relief.  Perhaps I can clean my house and get rid of the quantities of mud which has been tracked in (not to mention getting some clothes out on the line and actually still having them there, and dry, a few hours later - the wind has been revolting, too).

Will has taken the girls out to see the Christmas lights in suburbs close by, so I've taken this chance to blog and upload the card I made out of Mo Manning's image:
Ink: Stampin Up "Glorious Green" and "Real Red"
Paper: Inque Boutique "Memoirs" (grey under the image)
Crate Paper "Restorations Collection" (red under the grey)
Stampin Up "Glorious Green" cardstock
Stamp set Stampin Up "Tiny Tags"
Tiny Tag punch from Stampin Up
Silver brads and metallic pipecleaners from my stash.

I did some extra shading with Copic C5 and C9 underneath the image.

Happy crafting,


  1. Your coloured image looks great made up into a card, Bron, and I love the coiled tinsel. Hope you manage to feel a bit more prepared soon, I am the same. Will sounds a bit of a hero with his volunteering, good for him. CoB

  2. Hi Bron,

    Love what you've done with this cutie. He/She is certainly yapping Merry Christmas! Glad to hear you're getting 4 clear days. We have rain again up in Nth Qld and I was going to try mowing the lawn tomorrow too! Take Care lovely lady and Happy Crafting. Cheers Kasey