Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catching up

Haven't posted for a couple of days.  Don't know if that is correct or not - how often do bloggers post?  What is the norm, do you think?  I think it is too much to ask for a daily post, but I was kinda hoping to make it at least every other day.  And now I'm thinking I need to revise that goal down to "when I can".  Considering I am basing my knowledge of blogging on movies like "Julie & Julia", my expectations are pretty high, I guess.  That chick was not just posting, but cooking on a daily basis.  Hell of a way to start your blogging life.  So yeah, time for a blogging reality check, methinks.

My youngest daughter (I have two) was not feeling well yesterday, so her dad stayed home with her.  And today I was home - so I'm taking the chance to blog this evening, just in case life, the universe and everything gets in my way tomorrow.  Or the next day....

I finished the card using the image of the bear with the Christmas cracker I posted the other day.  Wanna see?
Not too bad, huh?  The cardstock is Stampin Up (Lovely Lilac and Summer Sun), the sentiment is from the SU set "Best Yet" and the paper is from the Basic Grey 6x6 pad "Sugar Rush".  All the other details are in my previous post.

Now I've got to work on the next card - it's using an image by Mo Manning, who is totally, awesomely talented and I love her sketches.  I've coloured the image with Copics:
R-46 (Strong Red) for the hat, B00 (Frost Blue) for shading on the pom pom and the hatband, G16 (Malachite) and G19 (Bright Parrot Green) for the bow and C-3, C-5, W-4 and W-6 for the fur.

Now it's time to put him (her?) on a card.  Someone posted a comment asking if I colour with papers and cardstock already chosen.  I don't.  I just colour the picture (the easy part) and then start going through my stash of stuff to find papers, cardstock, ribbon and other embellishments which work.  This is the hard part, for me.  I sometimes get so swamped with all the choices, I stall and the card doesn't get made for ages.  Or sometimes it just doesn't "speak to me" and the card doesn't get made for ages.  I get a great deal of pleasure out of colouring images - making the cards is usually a much more difficult process for me.  Of course, there are always the cards which pop into my head fully formed - and that's when I spend hours chasing down that paper or ribbon or embellishment I am absolutely certain I have, but can't for the life of me find.  Drives me out of my gourd with frustration.  So the card doesn't get made for ages.  Hmmmmmm... I'm sensing a pattern here.

So that's my process *grin*.  Good thing I'm not in it for the money, or I'd be living in a cardboard box (a very prettily coloured and embellished cardboard box, but still....)

Until next time, happy crafting,


  1. Lovely to see the image made up into a card, it looks so good. Amazing colouring on Mo's image too, you did a brill job with it. I agree, Mo is so talented, wish I could draw like that. You asked about the Tilda image I've been using: it's called Silent Night Tilda, released a year or so back. Hope you can track it down in your country because she is just a beauty, my favourite Tilly. CoB

  2. Hi Bron, me again. I meant to say that I am trying to blog every other day too, but at the moment I have a few cards to show so I might even end up doing a daily post now and then. I think we'll all end up doing them 'as and when we can', but it's such fun I think I would get withdrawal symptoms if I went too long without saying Hi to my fellow bloggers and seeing their work. Enjoy your day, CoB