Friday, December 3, 2010

My first blog!

Okay - so recently (and I'm talking the last week or so) I've been zooming around the blog-o-sphere, finally finding out what all the fuss is about.  What an amazing place...

There I was, sitting pretty in my own little space, not realising what worlds were out there to explore (it should probably be on my time, from now on, rather than during lunchtimes at work which seem to run over a little bit...okay, more than a little bit).  Still, I'm here now and I must say, I am very impressed by what I've seen so far. 

I love bouncing from blogspot to blogspot, on my own personlised blog hop (see, I'm even learning the terminology).

And the inspiration I have received from these sites! I have coloured 7 and a half images with my copics in the last two days (that might not seem like much to some of you, but trust me when I say that it has been a LOOOOOONNNG, sad and mojo-less dry spell for this crafter!  A dry spell which, I am incredibly happy to say, seems to have broken.

Once I get the hang of these settings, I will upload some pics of what I've been doing, so you can happy dance with me.  It's all shiny!


  1. Hi Bron, lovely to find a fellow newbie, we started blogging at almost the same time. Isn't it fun? Loved reading your profile, it makes me very happy to know that crafting is helping people. I'm off to read the rest of your posts now. CoB