Sunday, June 5, 2011

Running....running to catch up!

Hi all,
Well, I got back from my craft camp well and truly exhausted, but totally buzzed.  In two days (we got there Friday afternoon at about 5pm and left Sunday at 4pm), I managed to complete 17 cards and sell 7 of them - not a bad weekend's work, huh?!  Given that I went to create, not to sell, the customers had to make do with cards that didn't have envelopes or inserts, but they were all scrapbookers (I was the only stamper that weekend) and seemed to think that making their own envelopes was part of the fun and a bit of a challenge!  Whatever floats their boats, I suppose. No one baulked at the prices (I didn't change them from my normal prices - mostly because the first one I sold came completely out of left field and I just said what I normally sell them for) and every single card was a 6x6, even though I had the standard C6 and DL size cards there, too.  Apparently, big cards are in at the moment, with no complaints from me!

So I will start posting pics of those, as soon as I finish posting the last lot I've been talking about.

Be warned - I have almost no details for these following ones close to hand, although should you absolutely *need* them I can let you know :)

These three were commissions from a guy at work.  Two of them (kittens and wheat) were for his twin sisters' birthday.  The red "You Make Me Happy" card was for his girlfriend.

I used Copics on the image with the kittens - and I am very happy with how she and the fuzzballs turned out - much better than my first attempt at that image, I think; the other two are DTP with the various stamps and ink. Give me a yell if you need to know which stamps came from where.  I've got all the details, but this late on a Sunday night, there's no way I'm going to go rummaging around to find them.

I don't know about all of you, but I find that if the first time I use a set or an image, it doesn't work out so well, then I usually don't pick up that set or image again.  I will automatically reach for stamps which have "worked" for me in the past and didn't give me grief.  The set I used for the red card was just such a set.  I didn't take to the first card I made with the set, which was created at a class I attended and wasn't "me" at all.  The colours were wrong, mostly.  And I have barely reached for the set since.  But this guy saw the class card in my stash when I took them to work, and asked me to rework it in new colours.  Thank goodness he did, because it's pretty much given that old stamp set a new lease on life, in my eyes!  I'll not say that I'm in love with the set, but I am certainly seeing some potential in it now (which I must have seen when I first saw it, or I wouldn't have bought it).  And I'm thinking I should go on to Splitcoast Stampers and see what the galleries produce by way of inspiration.  You never know...

I think I'm going to leave it at that.  Still have miles to go before I sleep, so I'd best go and get started.

Until next time
Happy crafting!


  1. Hi Bron, Three impressive creations again. I'm sure you have many more to post. My favourite one is the little girl and the kittens.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Shopping Anya. I'm going to do her again in the same colours, just to apply all my new found colouring knowledge to see how different she might come out.

    I totally know what you mean about having a failure the first time you use a particular stamp or set of stamps and not wanting to pick them up again in a hurry. I usually leave them alone for about 3 months before I attempt something else, plus like you, will go searching for inspiration from SCS.

    Oh have you seen my mojo down your way? It's missing in action. Cheers, Kasey

  2. Hi Bron, thanks for your lovely comment and I do apologize if I caused you to spend your money LOL!
    Your cards are lovely, I especially love the wheat one - it's stunning!! I frequently make a hash of colouring and image first time - now I stamp it twice and that way I get two goes at it!!
    Heather xx

  3. Hiya Bron, nice to see you back. Great to get the confirmation of people buying your work, but I'm not surprised as your cards are always fantastic. Really love the wheat card, that's such a beautiful image and the colours are just wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your makes from craft camp. CoB