Sunday, February 27, 2011

When you're having fun...

Well - I can't believe that it's been almost three weeks since my last post!  Sorry to anyone who has been waiting with bated breath for an update - I've no excuses (and unfortunately, nothing much of interest to report as to why it's been so long).  I sifted through ideas for my canvas and about 10 days ago I came up with something which seemed to work in my head, smeared the canvas with texture paste, waited for that to dry and then mixed some paint and put that on.  Now I've stalled because I need to go and get some more paint from the art store.  And some more texture paste - the canvas is so big that I used a solid half jar of what I had left, and then another half jar of impasto gel, made by another company - and it's amazing how different each of the mediums are, considering I had been told that they are interchangeable.  They are not!  The texture paste is something between thick paint and soft clay and you can mould it into defined edges and lines (think heavy meringue that you can form into peaks).  The brand of impasto gel I used was akin to the hair gel I remember using in the late 80s (yes, I know that's dating me!), and although it gives depth, the effect is much smoother, with less definition than the texture paste.  Useful for the right project, but not what I had in mind, unfortunately.

I'm not going to give you pictures of the canvas yet, although I have taken them, to record the journey.  I figure I will finish it and then have a humongous post detailing the steps.

So, onto the next thing I have done.  Last week we had two birthdays at work, so, as the branch EA, I compiled a list of everyone's birthday and brought it home so I could create cards.  The next one is this coming Tuesday (2 March), so today I pulled out the card making supplies.  First, I chose a Hambo digistamp for the main image and coloured it with my Copics:

The recipe is as follows:
YR21 & YR24 for beaks, feet and hat pompoms
B24 and B26 for the blue bird and one of the hats
E34 and E37 for the brown bird and one of the hats
YG41 and YG45 for the green bird and one of the hats
R12 and R14 for the red-ish bird and one of the hats
E74 and W-7 for the ground

Hambo "Silly Birds With Hats"
Provo Craft alphabet "Circa 18 pts"
Stampin Up! Green Galore and Gable Green
Junkitz 6x6 pad "Salsa"

And the result is:

I am fairly happy with it.  I have real difficulties with masculine cards, especially for someone I don't know very well.  I have no idea about favourite colours or what his interests are, so I had to settle for something fairly generic.  For all of that, it works, so I'll get everyone to sign it tomorrow and we can have a morning or afternoon tea for him.  Any excuse for cake!

Okay, so that's what I've been doing, more or less.  I'm going to go and read all the blogs I've been ignoring for the last three weeks.

Catch up with you later, but in the meantime,
Happy crafting!


  1. Hiya Bron, I wondered where you'd got to! lol. Oh I remember hair gel from the 80' about gloop, yuk!

    Your card is fantastic, I just love that image and it's perfect for giving from a bunch of colleagues. nice font for the lettering too. CoB

  2. Hi Bron, some sales people will tell you anything won't they? Interchangeable when its not can ruin a project if you don't test it first. I guess real life tends to creep in and take over at times and that 'ME TIME' in the craft room gets affected, mine you if the mojo is happy to just take a back seat then it's not so bad.

    You left a comment about unpublished gems, I'm absoutely certain you have a stack of those a mile high, maybe you could prepare a few for posting when you're not creating new masterpieces? Get that hubby of yours to use his new camera and take some picutes!

    Cheers, Kasey